Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another pipe maker I admire

Okay, I know I said I would post a few each day, that was stupid.  I will post one every few days is what I should have said.  This post is for a pipe maker that I admire in many ways, and least of those is his ability to make a stunning, perfectly smoking pipe.

Tyler Lane Beard is a pastor, a father, a teacher, and a pipe maker.  Its amazing how well he keeps all of those in balance.  Whether he is being paid for caring for people, and investing in their spiritual health or not, he does it with courage, conviction and love.  When he felt like too much of his time was being taken from more important things he stopped making pipes.

 When I had some questions about my pipes, Tyler told me to call him up.  He spent an hour with me, not only explaining how to improve, but also on how to grow as a pipe maker.  Another phone call we just preached to each other for an hour or so.  It was like the old time gospel hour, only we aren't old timers, maybe the middle aged gospel hour

This guy is quality, and he is probably mad for me saying so... publicly.

It is no wonder that a man of this strength of character would make great pipes.  You could guess he won't let one out of his studio unless its as good as he is capable of making.  This year I received one of his pipes as a Christmas gift, and I can tell you, it made me giddy.  In fact, my wife got a little annoyed because she wanted to get me something that would make me squeal with joy like Tyler's pipe did.  I was going to tell her victoria's secret, but I thought that might not end well.

Any ways, Tyler makes beautiful pipes, and is a beautiful person, I am a better man and pipemaker for knowing him.  Here are a few of his beauties:

Go check out his website and tell him rev sent you


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