Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inspiring Pipe Makers part 4 (Grant Batson)

This guy has been making pipes for just a little bit longer than I have.  But he does have the luxury of one of the best mentors in the world, and a base of skills that would leave any wood worker envious.

Grant started his love affair with wood by making custom guitars.  I have seen and heard one of his guitars and... oh my, amazing.  A little over a year ago, maybe more I am not exactly sure he left his guitar business, and began to make pipes, and from his first pipe he has been making a ruckus.  This man is in every sense of the word a prodigy.  But what makes Grant so cool, is his helpfulness, and humility, and his joy for life.  Grant seems to be incredibly at home in his skin, and thankful to make use of his talent in ways that give joy and inspiration to others.

I think that his future in the pipe making world is incredibly bright, and my biggest hope is I can buy one of his pipes before they get too expensive for me to own.  Take a look for yourself:

check out his site at


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